The Backyard at Moynehall House has gone through many changes over the centuries.   It started off as a stone fortress around the 14th Century evolving to become McCabes Castle between the 15th and 16th Century.   From the 1600's it has seen much alteration, from a castle to a Bishops Courtyard - Bishop Moyne hence the name Moynehall.  Names such as Moore and Bell have been associated with the house up until the 18th Century. 

From 1860 to 1946, Moynehall House was owned by the Fay Family.  John Fay was a local magistrate and he used the courtyard as a stable area and carriage rooms.  There were also sleeping quarters for the workers.

In 1946 Fay's son Gerard, the local veterinary surgeon sold it to the late Frank and Kathleen Crowe.  From then until 2007, the courtyard has been used as a farmyard supplying Cavan Town with fresh milk.

The latest transformation has been made by Brendan and Terry Crowe who have restored the courtyard and its surrounding buildings to its original glory.   Aptly named The Backyard it contains all the original features of a stone courtyard and is ideally suited to its latest change. The building is now used as an arts centre with spaces to rent for local events and classes. If you are interested is using the backyard as a venue, visit our 'Contact Us' page.